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Algebra Basics

Exponents, rates, logs, and more.

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Algebra Basics introduces you to the fundamental algebraic techniques needed to succeed on the AMC. With these techniques, it's not just about knowing all of the rules. You have to also understand when and how to apply them!

Instead of simply working through problems and solutions, these quizzes will guide you through the logic needed to ace the AMC. For example, substitutions can often make a system of equations easier to solve. But what substitution should you make? We'll show you!

To get your mind racing, here's a challenge:

If \(x\) and \(y\) are real numbers satisfying \[x^2+xy=20\quad\text{and}\quad y^2+xy=30,\] what is the value of \(xy?\)

Master the problem solving skills of Ace the AMC.

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