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Rates and Ratios

If 4 cows make 4 gallons of milk in 4 days, how much milk do 8 cows make in 8 days?

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Rates and ratios are everywhere! These quizzes applying rates and ratios to real-life situations such as:

  • Baking and Chemistry: Ratios are used in everything from scaling recipes to determining the amount of each chemical in a chemical synthesis.

  • Architecture: Ratios are used to scale plans and drawings of various structures.

  • Physics: Rates show up in any type of motion, from the trajectory of an arrow to the motion of the planets.

Here’s a puzzle to get your mind racing:

If 5 painters can paint 10 houses in 2 days, how many days do 10 painters need to paint 100 houses?

By the end of these quizzes, you’ll be able to apply your algebraic skills to solve advanced Physics problems like this:

A grid of resistors is shown above. If each resistor has a resistance of \(1\Omega,\) what is the equivalent resistance of this grid?

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