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Angle Hunting

Beware: even a cute little angle can bite!

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In angle hunting, geometry meets deduction! While the goal of these problems is to expose the relationships between various angles, the real fun is in the chase!

Can you find the measure of the yellow angle below?

Along the way, you'll learn techniques for angle hunting, like these:

  • Start at the target angle and work out the fastest approach. Don't just use the angles you’re given!

  • Draw in more lines if they're useful. If the given angles are far away (across the picture) from the goal, frequently, drawing one or more strategic lines will allow you to solve the puzzle very quickly.

  • Don’t evaluate the arithmetic until you need to!

By the end, you'll be an expert hunter. For example, you'll know how to find the sum of the red angles in a flash:

Master the problem solving skills of Outside the Box Geometry.

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