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Fairness and Expected Gains

I'd play with you, but that game's just not FAIR!

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You don't want to play a game unless it's fair, but how do you know if you're being taken advantage from? These quizzes explain how to calculate fairness in the context of games, from Barbotte to Roulette to Piglet to Bunco. (We promise we're not making these names up!)

American Roulette wheels have both a "0" and a "00" place with no color, while black still only pays out 1:1. A player who bets solely on black should expect to retain how much of their cash?

By the end of these quizzes, you'll have honed your probability and expected value skills, and even be able to consider games where different players have different information. Ready to play?

Master the problem solving skills of Games of Chance.

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