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Crazy Cut Polyomino Puzzles

Slice up everything from chessboards to state voting districts.

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Polyomino puzzles combine logical and geometric reasoning to create some challenging but fun problems.

For example, if two opposite corner squares of a chessboard are removed, is it possible to tile the rest of the chessboard with dominoes?

But these puzzles are more than just for fun - they have actual applications! In this voting district, the bars outnumber the stars 17 to 13 in the region below. What is the minimum number of districts required so that the area can be gerrymandered (split up favorably) to give the stars the majority in the majority of the districts?

By the end of these quizzes, you'll be able to solve the Battle of the Four Oaks, which asks you to split this region into four identically shaped and sized regions such that each region contains exactly one of the dots:

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