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Get feedback on your finance resume.

We'll do one free read if you're a Brilliant member applying for jobs or internships in finance this year, and provide a recommendation for select members.

Who are we?

Hi, we're Calvin and Eli. We previously worked in quant finance as traders, and during that time read hundreds of resumes to help our firms recruit new hires. We also competed at the International Math Olympiad, directed the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, and earned math degrees at MIT and UChicago. More recently, we started Brilliant to help math and science lovers learn cool stuff and get great jobs.

What is this?

We wrote this Math for Quantitative Finance course to help you prep for your interview. For landing that interview, your resume is what sets you apart. We can help with this and show you how to convey your skills in the best light.

Why is it free?

Based on the strength of your resume, we can also recommend you to a few firms that we have relationships with — Citadel, Jump, Teza, and Geneva. We only provide positive recommendations, and never say anything negative about our members. We get paid by the firms for our recommendations, which is why we can keep this service and this course free for members. In market-speak, the handful of people who get recommendations are subsidizing this service for everyone else.

Is it awesome?

Here's a testimonial from Jesse, whom we placed with Citadel:

Brilliant is great at providing opportunities to top-level trading firms. Their representative was quick to respond and got the job done in terms of connecting me with potential places. In the end, I actually accepted an offer from a firm (Citadel) that I was introduced to by Brilliant.

Whether or not you get a recommendation, we'll put time and care into reading your resume and providing helpful input. We're offering this because it's what we would have wanted when we were applying for jobs. We hope you'll find it valuable.

How soon will I hear back?

Usually within a day. We're building the service that we would have wanted, and waiting more than a day or two for a response is pretty lame.

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