Algebra Algebra

Algebra is the arithmetic of the abstract, used to turn the unknown into the known.


Take a guided, problem-solving based approach to learning Algebra. These compilations provide unique perspectives and applications you won't find anywhere else.

Algebra Through Puzzles

We’ll cover equations, ratios, sequences, exponents, and more, while showing how algebra works and why it matters. You’ll also learn unique problem-solving approaches in Algebra that aren’t typically covered in school, which will help hone the intuition and strategic thinking that you use when approaching difficult problems.

Complex Algebra

This course is for those who want to fully master Algebra with complex numbers at an advanced level. The prize at the end will be combining your newfound Algebra skills in trigonometry and using complex variables to gain a full understanding of Euler’s identity. Euler's identity combines e, i, pi, 1, and 0 in an elegant and entirely non-obvious way and it is recognized as one of the most beautiful equations in mathematics.

Group Theory

This course explores group theory at the university level, but is uniquely motivated through symmetries, applications, and challenging problems. For example, before diving into the technical axioms, we'll explore their motivation through geometric symmetries. And after some formalism, we'll explore games like the Rubik's cube through the lens of group theory. You'll be left with a deep understanding of how group theory works and why it matters.

Additional Practice

Sharpen your skills with these quizzes designed to check your understanding of the fundamentals.

Advanced Polynomials
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