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Syllogistic Logic

Syllogisms are the original logic, going back to Aristotle. They still find prominence today in the form of Venn and Euler Diagrams.

Euler and Venn Diagrams Warmup


Based on the diagram, which statement is true?

The star location indicates people who...

Each circle in the diagram represents people who like a particular type of movie: horror, comedy, and/or romance. However, the labels have been erased.

Sara likes horror movies and comedy but not romance and her location is marked with a star in the diagram. Therefore, we can conclude that circle C in the diagram represents the category of people who ...

Pictured above is a complete Euler diagram of the data from an ice cream preferences survey. The survey asked people to check off all of the flavors from the list that they like. If you were to look through the surveys, what is the largest possible number of flavors that any one person indicated a preference for?

How many of these statements are true?

\[\begin{array}{|l|} \hline {\text{ A. All real numbers are rational. }} \\ {\text{ B. All integers are real numbers. }} \\ {\text{ C. All rational numbers are integers. }} \\ {\text{ D. All rational numbers are real numbers. }} \\ \hline \end{array} \]


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