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Radical Expressions and Equations

Combine your skills of working with exponents and manipulating expressions for radical glory.

Radicals Warmup


What is the value of \(\sqrt{2} \times \sqrt{6} \times \sqrt{27}?\)

Simplify \((\sqrt{x} + \sqrt{3})(\sqrt{x} - \sqrt{3})\)

\(\sqrt[2]{x} \times \sqrt[4]{x} \times \sqrt[6]{x} \times \sqrt[n]{x} = x\) for all \(x > 0\)

What is the value of \(n?\)

\(f(x) = (\sqrt{x^{2} + a})(\sqrt{x^{2} - a})\)

For what value(s) of \(a\) will the domain of \(f\) be \(\mathbb{R}?\)

Simplify \(\sqrt[9]{x^{3}}\)


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