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Master key ideas in math, science, computer science, and professional topics through problem solving.

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Brilliant helps you learn more effectively than lectures through interactive problem solving courses.

Our courses are designed to be entertaining, challenging, and educational. They are for ambitious students, professionals, and lifelong learners.

  • Math

    Logic, Algebra Through Puzzles, Calculus, Linear Algebra, and 15 more

  • Computer Science

    CS Fundamentals, Computer Memory, Machine Learning, and 2 more

  • Science

    Physics of the Everyday, Classical Mechanics, Special Relativity, and 6 more

  • Professional

    Probability, CS Algorithms, Artificial Neural Networks, and 9 more

Effective learning is active, not passive

Picasso didn't learn to paint by watching lectures. Math, science, and computer science are the same. Brilliant helps you master foundational concepts, build intuition, and learn in-depth through interactive problem solving courses.

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I wish school taught me to think by intuition, instead of having me memorizing countless formulas. Excellent app, beautifully laid out, engaged community.

Joshua T.

Through its engaging and well-structured courses, Brilliant has taught me mathematical concepts that I previously struggled to understand. I now feel confident approaching both technical job interviews and real world problem solving situations.

Jacob S.

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Frameworks, not formulas

Brilliant provides frameworks for thinking and solving problems. In a world of mindless memorization and bland formulas, Brilliant is a place where you achieve true understanding by getting to the heart of a concept. Our courses are written by leading instructors and researchers, who provoke your natural curiosity and guide you through an interactive exploration of deep concepts and principles.

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