Advanced Math Puzzles

Advanced math puzzles focused on probability and statistics, number theory, and calculus. Do one puzzle a day for a month!

How Often Does Sam Win?

When Will Two Dots Collide?

Can You Find the Truth?

What Happens in the Long Run?

How Often Do They Converge?

Are They All Equal?

Compare the Areas

What Is Her Flight Path?

Can You do Math in Base Four-Thirds?

Where Should Xavier Set Up Shop?

How Many are Being Honest?

One, Two, Three, Four...

How Likely Is a Short Run

Find the Derivative

Where Can the Zero Go?

Please Make It Prime

What Area Remains Shaded?

This Is Why You Test Twice.

How Long Does It Take Sally?

Can You Make It Even?

What Can You Expect From Repeated Sampling?

This Is Not Base Ten.

Markus Wants Twelve.

When Does the Ship Disappear?

Which is More Likely?

Who Makes the Fewest Hops?

Is It Fair?

Let's Tile the Plane with Fractals!

Where Does the Ball Fall?

How Far Is Anna From Tobias?

Don't Double-Count Your Wins!

Course description

A one-month puzzle-a-day challenge! Topics include: probability and statistics, number bases, modular arithmetic, combinatorics, calculus, fractal geometry, and Euclidean geometry.