Advanced Science Puzzles

Advanced science puzzles focused on electricity and magnetism, kinematics, and chemistry. Do one puzzle a day for a month!

How Can They Land Safely?

What Does an Atom Weigh?

Can You Loosen the Fit?

Who's the Tug-of-War Winner?

Find the Unknown Weights

Can You Pull Off This Trick?

What Happens in a Faster Flow?

How Much Sulfur Is Needed?

How Fast Can She Fly?

Where Will Lightning NOT Strike?

What's Lost Each Bounce?

Is There Enough Information?

Which Will Run Out First?

How Many Springs Are Needed?

Which One Shines Brighter?

Did Someone Deflate This Football?

Catch Up If You Can!

Let's Make Rocket Fuel

Add Some Spin to It!

How Much Does It Compress?

Cheese or Chocolate?

Which One Will Distort?

Which Counterweight Is Heavier?

Is Your Chemistry a Little Rusty?

The Distance Doesn't Matter

What Happens to the Top Ball?

Where Is There the Most Friction?

Which Feels Colder?

How Much Does It Dip?

This Is Pascal's Paradox

Trace the Light to Its Source

Course description

A one-month puzzle-a-day challenge! Topics include: electricity and magnetism, electrical circuits, kinematics, force diagrams, chemical reactions, thermal expansion, balancing mobiles, pulleys, springs, and light ray tracing.