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Artificial Neural Networks


A quick dive into a cutting-edge computational method for learning.


How can a computer distinguish between pictures of dogs and cats? Or learn to play great chess? We just need some inspiration from the human brain, linear algebra, and a bit of calculus.

This course dives into the fundamentals of artificial neural networks, from the math to the basic models to applications and more complicated models. Most importantly, you’ll gain an intuition for why these models work - not just a bunch of formulas.

What is this?
A collection of interactive quizzes that will teach you the underpinnings of neural networks, written by experts and guided by Brilliant's Principles for Learning.

Who is this for?
This course is for people who want to understand the basics of constructing neural networks and then see how to apply those fundamentals to solving modern learning problems.

What should I know?
You'll need mastery of algebra. A basic understanding of calculus and probability will be helpful.

What's inside?
A series of quizzes containing hundreds of carefully crafted guided problems and explanations. It will take approximately 10-20 hours to complete.


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