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Everyday Math

Reinforce your math foundations and see numbers in a new light.

Our math journey starts with fractions, percents, and ratios in everyday contexts. Interactive problems and intuitive visuals will help you see numeric quantities and their relationships in a new light.

By revisiting topics ranging from fractions and number lines to geometric shapes and exponents, you will reinforce the foundations of your mathematical knowledge and sharpen your problem solving strategies.



Concepts and

  1. 1


    1. Fractions and Data

      Recognize fractions in everyday situations.

    2. Visualizing Fractions

      Use geometric shapes to think strategically about fractions.

    3. Introducing Number Lines

      Join us on a visual tour of fraction grids, bars, and number lines.

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      Equivalent Fractions

      Recognize fractions that represent the same quantity.

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      Fraction Operations

      Start adding fractions with confidence.

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      Apply percents in everyday situations.

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      Place Value

      Break up and rebuild numbers using powers of ten.

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      Introducing Exponents

      Discover the power of exponential growth.

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      Scientific Notation

      Explore a powerful new way of representing quantities large and small.