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Computer Science Fundamentals


The fundamental toolkit for the aspiring computer scientist or programmer.


As a computer scientist or programmer, you need to solve problems efficiently. In the digital world, that means making thoughtful decisions about how to organize information (data) so that it can be efficiently stored and analyzed.

In Computer Science Fundamentals, we'll start with the basics (like arrays and sorting) and build up to more complex data types and structures. Along the way, we'll discover algorithms that can be used to extract answers from data.

Whether you are looking to dive into theoretical computer science, practical programming, or just want to be a more thoughtful problem solver, these fundamentals will serve you well!

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What is this?
A collection of interactive quizzes that will help you master computer science fundamentals, written by experts and guided by Brilliant.org's 10 Principles for Learning.

Who is this for?
If you're looking to study computer science, build things with programming, or just explore how the logic of data structures and algorithms allows for powerful computation, this is for you.

What should I know?
You don't need any previous computer science or programming experience!

To understand recursion, they must first understand recursion.

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