CS & Programming · Level 2

2.1 Designing Programs

Hone your coding skills by writing complex programs to build games and apps.

Programming a Game


Event-Driven Programming

Intro to Functions

Debugging Functions

Arguments and Scope

Internal Variables

Course description

In this course, you'll use event-driven programming to build functional games and apps that respond to live user inputs. While designing these programs, you’ll develop strategies for writing more complex programs that leverage decomposition, abstractions, and functions. You'll also learn to debug and error-check your work—one of the most important skills in program development.

Topics covered

  • Program decomposition
  • Abstraction
  • Event-driven programming
  • Update loop with built-in delay
  • Functions
  • Return statements
  • Debugging functions
  • Function arguments
  • Function scope & internal variables

Prerequisites and next steps

Basic familiarity with programming—including boolean statements, for loops, and conditionals—will be beneficial.

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CS & Programming · Level 2

2.2 Computer Science Fundamentals

Wrap your mind around computational thinking, from everyday tasks to algorithms.

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