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Joy of Problem Solving


A guided tour through our most beautiful and delightful puzzles.


Problem solving requires creativity, intuition, knowledge, and skill. It also requires practice. You’ll get a workout that strengthens your problem solving ability in topics ranging from logic to algebra to some beautiful geometry.

By the end of this course, you’ll solve geometric problems in two and three dimensions, problems without operators, and all around become a much stronger mathematical thinker!

What is this?
A collection of interactive quizzes designed to help you master problem solving. Each quiz is written by experts and guided by Brilliant's Principles for Learning.

Who is this for?
This course is enjoyed by any and everyone interested in solving beautiful and delightful problems in logic, algebra, and geometry.

What should I know?
A comfortable familiarity with basic algebra will help you accelerate through this course!

What's inside?
About 60 quizzes, containing over 280 carefully crafted guided problems and explanations.


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