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Learn the key techniques and train hard for contest math.

Book 68 Lessons

Course description

Via intriguing problems and competition-style practice, we’ll guide you through your training from start to finish. Improve your speed and accuracy while gaining an appreciation for how fun math can be.

Upon completion, you’ll have perfected your algebra, geometry, probability, and number sense game, and have the tools needed to successfully tackle math competitions at the level of MATHCOUNTS and the AMC8.

Topics covered

  • Angle Hunting
  • Composite Figures
  • Counting Strategies
  • Factorials
  • Mean, Median, Mode
  • Probability
  • Problem Solving
  • Prime Factorization
  • Sequences and Series
  • Similarity
  • Venn Diagrams

Prerequisites and next steps

You should have some familiarity with basic mathematical concepts, such as simple algebra and geometry, and foundational operations. We recommend starting with Mathematical Fundamentals if these are unfamiliar to you!