Data Analysis ยท Level 5

5.1 Modeling with Multiple Variables

Combine information from multiple sources to make the best house price predictions.

Use Multiple Variables

Understand Coefficients

Optimize Coefficients

Assess the Model

Choose Variables

Avoid Overfitting

Interpret the Model

Use Categorical Variables

Explore Interactions

Transform Variables

Course description

Use Multiple Linear Regression to build predictive models and isolate the most influential variables by analyzing Mean Square Error (MSE).

Topics covered

  • Mathematical models
  • Interpreting coefficients
  • Selecting variables
  • Independence and dependence of variables
  • Overfitting
  • Categorical variables
  • Non-linear variables
  • Interaction terms

Prerequisites and next steps

You should be comfortable with simple linear regression. Familiarity with Mean Squared Error and R-squared values is beneficial.