Multivariable Calculus View more

Continue your calculus journey into the realm of multiple variables, exploring everything from vectors to volume.

Book 27 Lessons

Course description

Change is an essential part of our world, and calculus helps us quantify it — multivariable calculus continues the story of calculus. Learn how tools like the derivative and integral generalize to functions depending on several independent variables, and discover some of the exciting new realms in physics and pure mathematics they unlock.

Topics covered

  • Chain Rule
  • Extreme Value Theorem
  • Gradient
  • Hessian Test for Critical Points
  • Jacobians & Variable Changes
  • Lagrange Multipliers
  • Limits and Continuity
  • Multiple Integrals
  • Multivariable Functions & Graphs
  • Partial Derivatives

Prerequisites and next steps

You need to be familiar with multivariable functions, vectors and vector operations, and the basic ideas of calculus, including limits, derivatives, and integrals.