Physics Puzzles

Flex your skills with some quick and fun physics puzzles.

A Suitably Sturdy Slide

Under Pressure

How Can We Keep Our Plants Watered While We're Away?

Haunted Pipes

The Peachoid

You Eat Like a Bird

What Is the Safest Shape of Plutonium?

Can Plants Prevent Mass Extinction?

Exploding Barrels

An Ocean in the Sky

Flowing Through a Bottleneck

Can Air Conditioners Reverse Global Warming?

Have You Tried the Cold Thanksgiving Diet?

If You Are What You Eat, What Are Plants?

Where Is the Highest Pressure in a Bottleneck?

Rope Ripping

A Cold Day on Mercury

Can You Hit a Ball Around a Corner?

Doctor Brilliantstein

Raising the Roof

How Wet Will You Get?

Build It Taller

Cooking for Fifty

Santa vs. a World of Cookies

High-Heeled Elephants

Sustainable Oil

How Do You Build A Sturdy Structure?

World Freestyle Falling-Down-a-Hill Championships

Should You Walk or Run in Windy Rain?

It's All Relative

Motocross Double Flip

How Much Bigger Were Prehistoric Bugs?

Could a Giant Basketball Player Jump Over a Building?

Can You Predict Which Way This Gear Will Turn?

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Mouse

Why Are Some Supernovae Dimmer Than Expected?

The Transparent Universe

The Distant Horizon

How Do We Measure the Distance to Another Galaxy?

What Does a Thermometer Read in Space?

What Kind of Exoplanet Have You Discovered?

Could the Ancient Greeks Disprove the Flat Earth Theory?

A Meter Stick for the Stars

Sailing Out of Orbit

What is the Cosmic Microwave Background Trying to Tell Us?

A Gravitational Mystery

Olbers' Paradox

Finding Planets With Starlight You Don't See

Lights in the Night

The Cosmological Principle

A Teaspoon of Neutron Star

How Fast Is the Universe Expanding?

How Deep Is Our Gravity Well?

Interplanetary Speedup

Why Astronauts Can’t Have Crème Brûlée

Shooting from the Moon

Why Can't You See the Far Side of the Moon?

How Did Prehistoric Humans Track the Time of Year?

Rocket Earth

How To Climb Out Of A Gravity Well

Do You Weigh More in Helsinki or Mexico City?

The Flat Earth Conspiracy

How Did Voyager Get so Far?

Blowing Up an Asteroid

A Jovian Moon Puzzle

Cones of Possibility

Creating or Destroying Mass

Time Flies When You Turn Around

Cycling Through Spacetime

Who Moved First, Near the Speed of Light?

How Old Is Your Twin?

The Twin Looks Back

How Do the Muons Reach the Ground?

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Flex your skills with some quick and fun physics puzzles.