CS & Programming · Level 4

4.1 Applied Python

Expand your Python skills by leveraging (or using) strings and dictionaries to analyze and generate text.

Turning Text into Data

Using Dictionaries

Counting Unique Words

Bigrams and Mutability

Bigram Frequency and Tuples

Bigram Analysis

Building a Language Model

Course description

Use Python to analyze the text of a book and generate new text based on your analysis. Explore the power of strings, dictionaries, and tuples along the way. You’ll also get the the chance to test the skills you’ve built by working with unstructured text in a variety of problems and use cases.

Topics covered

  • Text analysis
  • Text generation
  • Linguistic probabilities
  • Cleaning data
  • Strings
  • Dictionaries
  • Tuples

Prerequisites and next steps

Familiarity with basic Python syntax and functions such as for loops, conditionals, and booleans is necessary. Knowledge of data types such as lists and integers is helpful.

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CS & Programming · Level 4

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