Strategy Puzzles

Strategy puzzles using logic, probability, and number theory. Do one puzzle a day for a month!

Change Some of the Operators

This Puzzle Has Two Solutions

Here's a Simple Matchstick Design

You Decide To Play a Hard Game

Can You Find Them All?

Compare the Ranges

Is Statement #1 True or False?

Gina's on a Roll!

Make It All Add Up

What Happens if You Choose Randomly?

Where's the Gold?

Don't Use a Calculator

How Tall Is Kim?

Can You Do It Differently?

Which One Is Lacking in Factors?

You Find a List of Six Strange Statements

Compare These Two Approximations of 2 Pi

Let's mix up some candy!

What's Bob's Number?

How Worried Should You Be?

Let's Find Some Primes!

Is One Question Enough?

Start With Two Bottles of Sand

Meet the Cuboctahedron

The High Roll Wins!

Which Cards Do You Turn?

What Happens to This Ball?

Who Gets There First?

It's a Gift Swap!

Odd or Even?

Who Ate Donnie's Pizza?

Course description

A one-month puzzle-a-day challenge! Topics include: logic, probability, and number theory.