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Extend multivariable calculus to vector fields, then apply your new skills by exploring Maxwell's equations.

Book 35 Lessons

Course description

Change is deeply rooted in the natural world. Fluids, electromagnetic fields, the orbits of planets, the motion of molecules; all are described by vectors and all have characteristics depending on where we look and when.

In this course, you'll learn how to quantify such change with calculus on vector fields. Go beyond the math to explore the underlying ideas scientists and engineers use every day.

Topics covered

  • Curl
  • Differential Forms
  • Divergence Theorem
  • Flux
  • Fourier Transform
  • Line Integrals
  • Maxwell's Equations
  • Parametric Surfaces
  • Space Curves
  • Stokes' Theorem
  • Surface Integrals
  • Vector Fields

Prerequisites and next steps

You’ll need a solid understanding of algebra, as well as the basics of functions, limits, derivatives, and integrals.