Exploring Data Visually View more

Build a solid foundation in data analysis with visualizations and data transformations.

Book 9 Lessons
Dumbbell Practice

Course description

Answer data analysis questions with summary statistics from visualizations such as box and whisker plots, line graphs, scatterplots, bar charts, and histograms.

Apply data transformations such as filter and groupby to analyze data.

Topics covered

  • Bar charts
  • Pie charts
  • Line graphs
  • Scatterplots
  • Histograms
  • Box and whisker plots
  • Linear and Logarithmic scales
  • Summary statistics
  • Distributions
  • Filter
  • Groupby
  • Aggregate

Prerequisites and next steps

You should be comfortable with calculating percentages. Knowledge of how to calculate the mean, median, and mode is beneficial though it is covered briefly in the course.