100 Day Challenge 2020

Differences of One

The goal of a Calcdoku puzzle is to fill the squares with a single digit each with two restrictions:

  • Each of the digits is used exactly once in each row and column.
  • Every group has to create the stated value by using the operator shown. (The numbers can be used in any order.)

Keep reading to see an example puzzle, or jump straight to the daily challenge below.

Here's an example 4×44 \times 4 Calcdoku. You can step through the solution to see one way of thinking about the solutions to this puzzle.

Now, try solving the 3×3 3 \times 3 Calcdoku below. How many solutions are possible?

Today's Challenge

The Calcdoku puzzle below is solved by filling each row and column with every digit 11 through 33 so that every group completes its stated value. (The operations can be performed in any order within the group.)

How many solutions does this puzzle have?


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