Math and Logic

Add the Tiles

Number Bunchers puzzles provide two or more buckets into which the numbers provided need to be sorted.

Read on for some examples or jump straight to the puzzle below.

With these puzzles, the goal is to drag number tiles from the bank to buckets so all of the buckets' conditions are satisfied. By clicking the right arrow below the puzzle, you can view a demonstration of a puzzle solution complete with the underlying logic. If you need to see a step again, click the left arrow.

As we saw with the puzzle above, it's possible for a puzzle to have more than one solution. Let's now look at a puzzle with three buckets. As before, you can use the arrows below to the puzzle to see the steps of a solution with logic. This puzzle is a little more complicated than the first one, with bucket conditions that involve tiles in other buckets.

Today's Challenge

What is the sum of Hugo's tiles?


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