Rules and Guidelines for Posting to Brilliant

What can I post?

  • Anything that gratifies your intellectual curiosity.
  • Your thoughts on math, science, school, life, and the world.
  • Questions that you think the Brilliant community would be good at answering.
  • Problems that you find interesting and beautiful.


  • Do not post your homework or use Brilliant to otherwise cheat.
  • Do not post boring homework-style problems.
  • Do not post trivial problems, such as "What is 1+1?".
  • Read the FAQ and search old posts before posting general questions about Brilliant.
  • Do not ask support questions that only pertain to you (e.g. account questions). Those questions can be emailed to


  • Be civil.
  • When asking for help, share your own work and reasoning. You will get better help.
  • Give your post a good title. Do not use ALL CAPS. Strive for good grammar.
  • All math should be written in LaTeX. See the formatting guide.
  • Provide enough context in your Notes so that others can understand what you would like to talk about.

The moderators will delete or edit posts that do not comply with these guidelines and ban the people who post them at our discretion. If you have any questions about posting to Brilliant, please email


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