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A Black Hole

As we all know or read, the black holes do exist in our universe. Of course, it was also found that at the centre of every galaxy 🌌 there is a super-massive black hole of its own. Scientists say that we can't see them directly, nor by experiments. But, we can discover them by few observations.

A black hole is the most densest object ever found, because millions and millions and millions and millions and millions and maybe more of matter sink to a least minimal volume (sometimes even a point), thereby, creating a huge gravitational force that not even light can escape the black hole from certain distance once it reached. That distance, as drawn radially about a point, is called the event horizon. Here's a small question. What is making a black hole not be seen by us?

Note by Sai Krishna Dittakavi
1 year ago

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The escape velocity required to escape the gravitational pull of the black hole is more than the speed of light so light if once enters can't reflect back and come out. You can't measure the escape velocity but they are defined only in such a way that everything which has escape velocity more than speed of light will be a black hole, that's why the word "black". Kushagra Sahni · 1 year ago

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Black holes don't allow light to escape, thus making them invisible or 'black'. Swapnil Das · 1 year ago

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