A Mathematics Section on Geometric Constructions

According to me, Geometric construction is an art that is just as mathematically demanding as the art of solving geometry problems given geometric data (viz, length, angles, collinearities etc.) that we conventionally do.

So, I propose here a new section on Geometric Construction Challenges where just like the pre-existing sections on Algebra or Geometry, we shall have problems in Constructions. Of course the current format of answering should be changed: The answer would be like to post an image of one's construction.

Example: Given the medians of a triangle are 3,4 and 5, Construct the triangle using only compasses and straightedge take as standard the unit length. Measure the circumradius and report it as the answer. Then upload your image.

Answer: First the perimeter. Points gained. Then an image of the constructed triangle with clear view of the arcs, lines used for the construction and helpful steps if required. After the image has been verified by the problem-setter, more points will be rewarded for the image! These extra points only to the first image to be posted.

Can this already be done by a member himself? If so, how? Otherwise, I think we should have such a section.... Upvote and reshare if you agree!

Note by Aditya Kumar
6 years, 7 months ago

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