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A question on AOD math too confusing...

Out of the functions cosx - sinx , cosx + sinx , sinx/x , x/sinx the function which is increasing in (0,pi/2) is :-

(a) \[cosx-sinx\]

(b) \[cosx+sinx\]

(c) \[sinx/x\]

(d) \[x/sinx\]

Please post the solution in detail....

Note by Parag Zode
3 years ago

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Differentiate each function if it is possitive then you can say it is increasing if negative then decreasing

In the first function after dif.

\(-sinx\) \(-cosx\)

Which is always decreasing in (0,\(\pi/2\))

Similarly 2nd function is decreasing only in (0,\(\pi/4\))

3rd also decreasing in the domain

Answer is the last function which is increasing in its domain Krishna Sharma · 3 years ago

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