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A request to Physics challenge master.

Hi Sir , i just wanted to suggest that you should take part in the discussions of solutions of physics section as Calvin Sir does in mathematics .I think it would yield something new for us, to learn!

Those who agree please reply.

It was just a suggestion, not at all a demand.


Note by Jatin Yadav
3 years ago

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Sure, I have been a little too absent recently. I'll take a more active role in stimulating discussions. Most of them are already very good, so my contribution may be limited to going outside the box. Don't say you weren't warned :) David Mattingly Staff · 3 years ago

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@David Mattingly Hi Sir, There was a discussion started some two weeks agoby Lokesh S. named A professor's ride. I am unable to figure out what the correct answer is and the going through the discussion is only increasing confusion. What I think is that the 'opinion 1' as mentioned in the discussion is correct but I am not sure. So i would be very thankful to you if you could give your answer and rectify me if i am wrong. Here's a link to the discussion.

https://brilliant.org/discussions/thread/a-professors-ride-dont-worry-you-would-be-safe-7/ Dhruv Bhasin · 3 years ago

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@David Mattingly Hi Sir, nice to know this !

Also, I just designed a physics question yesterday but i can't submit it now, i think it might fetch 300 points. So, can you please mention your email id so that i can mail you that question.I don't want to see there that "This problem is posed by me" , but i would be infinitely glad even to see this question in a problem set. I fear i would have to waste such a nice one in the discussion section.

Thanks for any help. Jatin Yadav · 3 years ago

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Brilliant idea (pun intended)! I agree, having the Physics challenge master join us up on the conversation would be neat :) Naoki Atkins · 3 years ago

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Yeah , Right :D Noel Quirol · 3 years ago

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Great idea Shubham Bhargava · 3 years ago

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How do we post our own questions Raja Ram epsilon Roy · 3 years ago

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