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A request to the Brilliant staff. Problems in editing solutions.

Like a option to post images while solving problems there should also be an option to post images in solutions . There is a problem while editing solutions , if any small minor changes are to be done in solutions then the whole solution has to be written again because when we click edit , the format of solution changes and lots of extra "\" are added to unwanted places. e.g

this is a solution i posted and want to edit it .

let at some time t the velocity of the center of mass of the rolling part be v and radius be r. let there be p turns in the carpet per unit length.Let the current be then be I Let the total number of turns be n

\\[\\phi=B\.A=\\int B\\pi r^\{2\}dN=\\int\_\{0\}^\{r\}B\\pi r^\{2\}pdr=\\frac\{\\pi Bpr^\{3\}\}\{3\} \\\]

\\[\\frac\{d\\phi\}\{dt\}=\\pi pBr^\{2\}\\frac\{dr\}\{dt\}=mI \\\]

We know that the mass is constant

let the mass per unit length of carpet be \\[\\rho\\\]

\\[\\rho x\+\\rho\\int\_\{0\}^\{r\}2\\pi rpdr=k \\\]

\\[v=\\frac\{dx\}\{dt\} \\\]

\\[\-\\frac\{v\}\{2\\pi rp\}=\\frac\{dr\}\{dt\} \\\]

\\[i=\-\\frac\{Bvr\}\{2m\} \\\]

finally all the carpet is rolled out and velocity finally is 0 after t=Ts

applying energy conservation.

\[MgR=\int_{0}^{t}I^{2}mdt=\int_{0}^{t}\(\\frac\{\-B^\{2\}v^\{2\}r^\{2\}\}\{2m\}\)^{2}mdt \]

\\[\[\\frac\{\\int\_\{0\}^\{t\}v^\{2\}r^\{2\}dt\}\{4\\int\_\{0\}^\{t\}dt\}\]=\[\\frac\{MmgR\}\{B^\{2\}T\}\]=29 \]

Note by Milun Moghe
3 years ago

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With regards to adding images, you can do so using markdown. Upload your image to your favorite image hosting site, like Imgur or Flickr, and then use the following code, without spaces:

! [Image title] (hyperlink) Calvin Lin Staff · 3 years ago

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@Calvin Lin Thank you for the support , ill try it out Milun Moghe · 3 years ago

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We are aware of this and working to fix the bug. Calvin Lin Staff · 3 years ago

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@Calvin Lin thank you for looking into this matter Milun Moghe · 3 years ago

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