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A suggestion to make Brilliant better

Hey people,

I have a suggestion which I think can make Brilliant even better..

I think a feature of initiating a private conversation with someone should be introduced. Talking to people in random notes gets messy...

Often, the topic I have to discuss is off-topic in context to that particular note.

So you see, if I need some guidance from someone I think can guide me(like, chemistry for example, not many people on Brilliant follow chemistry), then I have a hesitation in asking my doubt in a random note, or starting a dedicated note for that little doubt doesn't seem worthy....

What do you guys think about it?

Note by Pankaj Joshi
2 years ago

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For those of you who are interested in building out Chemistry on Brilliant, and would be willing to spend time writing up great wiki pages over the next month, please send me an email (Calvin@Brilliant.org).

For more information, see this note. Calvin Lin Staff · 2 years ago

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Thanks for your feedback. We will take it into consideration. Calvin Lin Staff · 2 years ago

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That's a cool feature but it would definitely take some time to implement.

So, for the time being you can connect with other Brilliant users on social media. Most of them are available on facebook and google plus. Kishlaya Jaiswal · 2 years ago

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@Kishlaya Jaiswal Ya, even we all have created group hangouts on G+ consisting around 40 brilliantians. Swapnil Das · 2 years ago

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@Pankaj Joshi This question has been asked in other forms in the very recent past. Getting some chat boxes type of stuff would make this crowdy. So..

You post notes about your doubts, anyone would surely help you! Swapnil Das · 2 years ago

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