A Tribute to my 50 followers!

Thank you for following me and attempting my problems

This week I'm going to post some logical problems which I found interesting

It may be of lower level but I'm sure you would enjoy it.

So starting this by today,here's my first question,

(Q1) The world is full of paradox.Once Omprakash was going for camping where he encountered a fascinating paradox. While at his camp,every day he woke up and started moving towards the north.After moving a distance of 10miles he stopped for lunch.After finishing his lunch he again started moving North and after completing 10 miles he again reached the place where it all began ;his camp.

Can you explain this paradox?

You are free to post anything here!

Note by Naitik Sanghavi
3 years ago

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He was in the vicinity of North Pole.

Rajen Kapur - 3 years ago

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Nice answer !!!

I don't if this is exactly the answer to this problem because I try different problems from different websites and this a part Of That all problems .....

But we will discuss here if we have a different answer!!!

Naitik Sanghavi - 3 years ago

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