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About my holiday channel!

In these Diwali holidays, I started a YouTube channel named as 'PhysicsFun' where I choose a Physics problem and solve it. The main motive was to give people a conceptual problem which teaches to apply basic concepts at correct places. My videos doesn't have any sound at all.

Here is my channel! (I am very very sorry for the bad quality for the first two videos.)

I have just started the channel and have uploaded 6 videos and I wanted to get some tips on improving the videos as well as their content.

PS: I will try to improve but I can't promise anything as I will be making videos only in holiday time.

I look forward for your replies.

Thanks a lot

Note by Akshat Sharda
1 month ago

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yeah bro liked ur videos (+1) each video , but in Q3 u should have mentioned mew is for that instant when the rod makes angle theta @Akshat Sharda ! Shubham Dhull · 2 weeks, 6 days ago

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No sound in SHM. Md Zuhair · 1 month ago

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@Md Zuhair None of the videos up till now has any sound. Akshat Sharda · 1 month ago

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@Akshat Sharda But bring in sound bro... Md Zuhair · 1 month ago

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