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About not getting a reply

I was an active user 2 years before. brilliant was not like this before. each week u got a set of eight questions. if u can at least solve 15 / 16 sums ( u can get at the most one wrong in 2 weeks ) then only u can level up. without levelling up u don't get access to problems of higher level. many a times I got right answers for the 8 problems of week but did 2 or three wrong in the next week. this way I wasn't able to level up. at that time also I was an active member. after some six months, lots of changes were made. for new sums u didn't have to wait for the next week's Monday. users can also post the sums and many new sums from staff were also there. u got access to the sums of higher level(provided u follow the people who post sums of higher level) levelling up and scoring points was not hard then. I was an active user of brilliant even before these changes took place and brilliant became more irresistible. now I don't get much time for problem solving on brilliant. now when I am asking a simple suggestion, why I am not getting a reply.

Note by Urmi Sanghavi
1 year ago

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What is your question / simple suggestion? Calvin Lin Staff · 1 year ago

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@Calvin Lin Well i sent a message to suggest a topic for my physics project. Urmi Sanghavi · 1 year ago

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@Urmi Sanghavi You are not getting a reply because you have not provided enough information for others to engage with.

Instead, what you say is "I have got very less time to complete it" suggesting that you want something really easy to do and are unwilling to put the work in. If you were to change your attitude and ask for advice instead of demanding instant answers / people to do your work for you, you are much more likely to get a response.

Ameya gave you a good advice, which is to start from your interests and exploring what they are. Calvin Lin Staff · 1 year ago

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@Calvin Lin when I said I was not getting a reply I was referring to the message I sent on Facebook. I know I am asking you to do my work for me. when I sent the message I thought that I will be answered. well at that time I didn't have much time to do well in project but now I have got a whole one year's time with me. Being a physics major I don't have much idea about different topics in maths. so now if u feel like there is some topic of maths that I should study please tell me. Urmi Sanghavi · 1 year ago

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@Urmi Sanghavi I do not check Facebook nor respond to messages on Facebook. I only check notes on Brilliant.

When clarifying / asking, you should make the context clear, instead of having other people guess at what you want to say. Proper communication is an extremely important skill, that will serve you well in life. Calvin Lin Staff · 1 year ago

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i have not asked for a solution to a tough problem, what i am asking is a simple suggestion for an idea, topic Urmi Sanghavi · 1 year ago

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