Accidentally Submitted!!

I find difficulties in writing my solution in the last problem in number theory section, that's why I always preview it. But instead of doing previews, I accidentally hit the submit button!. How sad,I cannot change or edit my solution anymore!! How!???

I want that they will add edit/change features so that users like me can still have a chance to edit or change if anything goes wrong. If you think its a bias option, considering the fact that users may change their solutions time by time. I suggest you add a confirmation box every time a user submits his solution.

Help my concern please. If ever I cannot change it. Please DELETE it!!! The problem is all about finding the remainder of \( 2013 \choose 101\)\( \pmod{101}\)

Note by Mharfe Micaroz
5 years ago

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It would be nice to have a confirmation message like 'Do you want to submit your solution - Yes / No' after you hit the Submit button.

Lokesh Sharma - 5 years ago

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Send your complete solution to Make sure you mention the problem title and send it from the email account that you use to sign up to Brilliant.

Hope this helps!

Mursalin Habib - 5 years ago

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thank you!!

Mharfe Micaroz - 5 years ago

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Hi Mharfe,

You weren't the only one who that happened to this last week( I have deleted yours). The current flow, is that we force everyone to preview their solution before submitting it, there is in effect a confirmation box. The problem is, the add solution button in the preview state, is in the same spot as the preview button in the edit state. This makes it so people who double click, or accidentally stray click might end up submitting a solution unintentionally. We will move the buttons apart to prevent this.

Peter Taylor Staff - 4 years, 12 months ago

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thank you Sir

Mharfe Micaroz - 4 years, 12 months ago

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