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Adding a favourite buttom

Hey adding a favourite button for questions we have already done...so that we can remember them in future and revise them might be a good idea

Note by Srinath Reddy
4 years ago

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Hi Srinath,

This is an interesting idea, and one that we have talked about sometimes here at Brilliant Headquarters. We already have some functionality that lets you reproduce the desired outcomes, but letting students create a virtual "notebook" of their favorite problems might happen in the future.

Right now, you can use the Solutions tab on the home page to see your answer and solutions to problems you have tried previously. Alternatively, if you create a Shared Problem, it will be permanently stored to your Shared Problems tab, and you can revisit it there. This also allows you to challenge your friends with problems you have enjoyed, and introduce them to Brilliant! Daniel Hirschberg · 4 years ago

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I agree, I like this idea! Brock West · 4 years ago

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yeah!! Shourya Pandey · 4 years ago

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Yeah ! A favorite buttom is a great idea...... Dilip Kumar · 4 years ago

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Excellent thinking!!!!!! Dishant Shah · 4 years ago

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