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Adding new subjects to BRILLIANT

I think its a good advice to start new subjects like CHEMISTRY........... Please give suggestions......

Note by Dishant Shah
4 years ago

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Computer Scien Arbër Avdullahu · 4 years ago

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its good if more & more new subjects are added Maheshwaran Ganesan · 4 years ago

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please don't post previously-discussed post.......introducing new subject like chemistry has been thought by many students before and there have been much more suggestions given to the authority of the website.....please go through the older posts to see all the comments made by the students.....you may delete this post....for i think this is perhaps going to to be the 3rd time the same idea is being discussed.......thanks..but wait i did not mean to hurt you....do not misunderstand.... Raja Metronetizen · 4 years ago

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@Raja Metronetizen Sorry man but i dont just mean chemistry .... i suggest astronomy and certain topics in the physics section can be added.... like thermodynamics,light,motion,etc. also if we raise this topic more times
maybe it will be done sooner Dishant Shah · 4 years ago

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@Dishant Shah i support you....:)
new subjects should be added.... Riya Gupta · 4 years ago

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