Sir my classes for jee are starting from 7th April....i have joined iitianspace brother is in nit Nagpur but has cracked jee advanced...i wnt to get a top 100 jee rank....sO please sir I want some ways,methods and tips that I can apply from the brother has a dream to make me an iitian since he is in nit...

Note by Sarvesh Dubey
3 years, 2 months ago

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That's Great if you have a dream to get into top 100 in JEE-exam ! Keep this desire of excellence always burning inside you.

\(\bullet\) As your session is just about to start. So, keep this thing out of your mind that you're studying to get an entry into top 100. But instead of that, focus on excellence in every subject i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

\(\bullet\) You have got a lot of time to prepare yourself, build your concepts and enhance your Problem Solving skills. So, in the starting, go into the depth of every topic which you're taught in the class, try to derive everything i.e. formulas, equations etc. which will help you in making your concepts classic. Ask yourself questions, why & how ? And get the answer of these two sweet little questions and you'll be the master of all the subjects.

\(\bullet\) Your problem solving skills are as much important as your understanding in the concepts. So solve as many problems as you get of every topic which you've studied in the class. Here on the Brilliant, you'll find a lot of problems on every topic, so you can get in touch here too for boosting up your problem solving skills.

\(\bullet\) On Brilliant, you'll get an extra benefit of multiple approaches/solutions of a question. So whichever question you solve, have a look at every solution posted to that question. This will help you a lot everywhere.

\(\bullet\) Always have a focus on your speed and accuracy. Only understanding in concepts and great problem solving skills are not gonna help you for an entry into top 100. For that it is must that you've a great speed too with approx 100% accuracy. In the starting, you may commit calculation mistakes, or silly mistakes, but Improve that with time.

\(\bullet\) Keep giving all the tests to be held at your institute. And always analysis your performance in every test i.e. what mistakes did you make ? and why ? What's the reason behind the questions which were not attempted, or which were attempted wrong ? : Is that some calculation mistake or any conceptual mistake ? Give your performance in the test a full analysis and keep a record of all those problems in a separate notebook, which will help you a lot in the future to give a quick revision.

If you'll follow all the above points up to when your syllabus is completed, no one can stop you to get into top 100. After the completion of your syllabus, I'll tell more productive steps to be followed for boosting up your rank. Till then, you continue your journey with the above points.

All the best !

Sandeep Bhardwaj - 3 years, 2 months ago

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I'd like to add a line in last point, don't forget to make a self-commitment for not repeating those mistakes again.

Pranjal Jain - 3 years, 2 months ago

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Sir , how to study for jee mains 2016 only For jee repeater

Sarvesh Tiwari - 2 years, 10 months ago

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