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An easy method to find area of triangle.

consider the base to be 21 cm and the other two sides to be 17 cm and 10 cm. now draw an altitude of z cm. the altitude divides the base into x and y cm. Using Pythagoras theorem, x^2 +z^2=289.(1) y^2+z^2=100.(2) subtracting 2 from 1 we get x^2-y^2=189. (x+y)(x-y)=189. we know (x+y)=21, therefore (x-y)=9. from that we get x=15 and y=6. with that we find that z=8. therefore area= 1/2 * 8* 21=84 cm squared. I feel this is easier than heron's formula. with some practice, this will become a very effective and fast method for finding area of any triangle with only it's sides given.

Note by Swaminathan Ramshankar
3 years ago

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Nice work :) Hariharan Ramshankar · 3 years ago

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Very nice :) Karthik Kannan · 3 years ago

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Nice Anish Puthuraya · 3 years ago

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Wow, nice findings. Damiann Mangan · 3 years ago

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