Another Geometry Like Love

Basic geometry’s based on four axioms,

Something that many kids study in school,

But a fifth axiom’s needed to prove it all,

This is where things start in getting real cool.

Really this axiom sounds very theorem like

Many have tried just to prove that it’s so

Math is not science though, stunningly math’s pure thought,

No underpinnings suggest where to go.

Science is tied to the world where we find ourselves

Math seems to find itself on other planes

Yet in creation math finds applications new

Funny how much mathematics explains

Love’s exegesis resists like fifth axiom

Should be much simpler, still it just is

Minds get all blurry when sniffing it’s trail bizarre

Alternates pop up like girls in show biz.

So if you find yourself stewing in limbo’s pot,

Give her a slide rule for Christmas this year,

Sure to last longer than roses or candy will

Then on Christ’s Birthday buy pizza and beer.

Good which we give ourselves to seems to multiply

Friendship, geometry, love fares the same

Love’s future story line ties us to God’s heart strings

God’s mathematics! Erased is all blame.

      Poem by Brian Johnston
           Created on November 24, 2014

Note by Lew Sterling Jr
4 years, 8 months ago

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