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Today i was learning electrostatics............. i understood that there is a lot of properties of the electrostatic force is parallel to the gravitational force..... In electrostatics we have a positive charge and negative charge........... and electrostatic force can be attractive as well as repulsive. gravity is always attractive. DOES SOMETHING EXIST LIKE ANTI-GRAVITY???? so that matter can repel matter!!

Note by Karthik.Ps Sharma
4 years, 6 months ago

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The basic difference b/w electric charges and masses (in spite of many similarities) is that there is nothing like a negative mass (but negative charge does exist). So probably nothing like anti gravity exists.

Saurabh Dubey - 4 years, 5 months ago

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Gravity. Every particle has gravity. More massive particle, stronger gravity. Object with stronger mass will attract anything that has smaller mass. In fact, every atoms has it owns gravitational force, but it's to weak. The strength of gravitational force is about 10^-39 stronger than electromagnetic force, but it has infinite range. Until now, scientist haven't found something like antigravity. Object that always repels gravity should have negative mass, but i think it's impossible. Origin of mass. Scientist in cern said that mass is originated from a particle called higgs boson, this particle is massive, it mass is about 125.3 GeV. This particle creates higgs field that makes everything has mass. So, massive object interacts more with higgs field, while lighter particle interact less with higgs field. This is a theory. Do you know about UFO? I've watched documentary film about it. I don't know that it is really exist, but there are many evidance that proof it exist. I think this thing flies with antigravity, it levitates silently, it can travels at tremendous speed, It travel fast and then stopped instantly. I think this thing has no inertial effect. Flying saucer is aerodynamic. I have no idea about it. I hope scientist invented antigravity soon.

Hammam Muhamad - 4 years, 5 months ago

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No static stable arrangement is possible in three dimensions (Earnshaw's theorem). However, a moving arrangement can be used to sustainably levitate objects. An example is the Levitron, which I have on my desk. (http://www.levitron.com/)

Samuel Li - 4 years, 6 months ago

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