App Development?

Hi Brilliant!

Being an enthusiastic programmer, I want to improve my programming skills by getting involved in app development. Apps are becoming an integral part of our lives. Everywhere you look, somebody is using one. An intellectual community, like Brilliant, needs to realise the power of apps and use it as a tool to better society.

Please provide some information on the following:

I) Where can I get started in developing apps?

II) What resources do you recommend for building apps?

III) Describe an app idea that you think could be successful and nobody has implemented it yet.

... The smell of programming is in the air.

Note by Mark Mottian
7 years ago

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print "hello world"
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Hi Mark! I’m one of the engineers who wrote the Brilliant Android app.

The internet never lets me down when I want to learn something new. Find a "Hello World" tutorial to get started, and then start adding variations until you have a totally customized app! The Android tutorials from Google are particularly great - easy to follow, and quick to get through:

Good luck, and keep us posted!

Maryann Vellanikaran - 7 years ago

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Thanks, this is helpful

Mardokay Mosazghi - 7 years ago

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I agree with @Maryann Vellanikaran ! My philosiphy when teaching others how to program is to learn what your objective is. If you want to develop iDevices or Mac apps, I suggest you learn what object oriented programming is and the language needed, which is Objective-C. If you want to learn Android, learn Java, a pretty powerful version of C. I hope you have fun tinkering! @Mark Mottian

Kevin Mo - 7 years ago

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Just out of curiosity,is it possible to do IOS app development on a PC?

Thaddeus Abiy - 7 years ago

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@Thaddeus Abiy yup u can develop ios apps using an objective-c ide.

Aneesh Kundu - 6 years, 10 months ago

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That is great, i am also thinking about learning app development this summer, I think you should cosult @Suyeon Khim , @Peter Taylor

Mardokay Mosazghi - 7 years ago

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