Apple releases iOS 8 for developers

Apple officially announced iOS 8 at its annual WWDC conference in San Francisco on Monday. People attending the conference got the iOS 8 beta on Monday, while everyone else can get their fingers on the new software in the fall. There's no visual overhaul(the flat icons still remain), yet there are many software enhancements out...

Most importantly, iOS 8 adds widgets, Touch ID for third-party apps, and a keyboard which learns as you type.

WIDGETS: The widgets aren't much similar to the android widgets(that's the first thing which came to my mind when I heard about widgets in the iPhone). You can only interact to notifications, like responding to them even through the lock screen.

THE KEYBOARD: Apple has done great work to invent a keyboard that adapts your writing style. Nope, there's no swype typing yet, but we could expect soon. It's called QuickType, by which you get word suggestions (in the manner of Android) in 16 different languages!

THE EMAIL APP: The email improved, with more gestures added to flag or delete messages.

PHOTOS: The Photo app has improved, enhancing various aspects in editing your photos.

There were also various other improvements, thanks to CNET, are listed below:

Auto night mode in iBooks

Panoramic photos on iPad

Battery usage by app

Travel time notifications

24 new dictation languages

Camera timer

Instant burst mode

Separate focus and exposure in Camera

RSS feeds in Shared Links

Improved zoom for accesibility

In Case of Emergency card

Purchase iTunes content with Siri

Rich text editing in Notes

Touch ID to exit from Guided Access

Indian Tagalog, Irish Gaelic, and Slovenian keyboards

Private browsing per tab in Safari

See your books as a series in iBooks

DuckDuckGo support in Safari

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