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Assistance please with solving and understanding this problem?

Organizers of a local association want to focus on recruiting and membership, so they looked through their recruiting and membership paperwork. After reviewing the last 30 years of annual open-house events, they spoke with 4 people who were considering joining and decided to take an application packet home.

The historical probability P(X) of interested prospective members that would join is listed below:

0 join: 0.1

1 join: 0.2

2 join: 0.4

3 join: 0.2

4 join: 0.1

When the organizers hold their open house this year, how many members (what is the expected value) should they anticipate actually joining and what approach was used in coming to this determination?

Note by Kim Bogle-Mose
5 months, 1 week ago

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Answer is just 0x0.1 + 1x0.2 + 2x0.4 + 3x0.2 + 4x0.1

you should brush up on expected value. Pi Han Goh · 5 months, 1 week ago

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