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Astrophysics or something else !!!!!

Is the distance between heavenly bodies is measured possible only with instruments such as using laser or can say wave like property to go hit it and return back to us.

Now calculate the distance by having accurate balance at timing in the process.

Is there any method to calculate almost accurate distance on our own without using any instrument ? If possible(or not) , comment by giving an authentic method so that I can also try to find the distance between the significantly large bodies ???

Note by Shubham Kumar
4 years, 2 months ago

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Yes, there are some very basic principles to calculate the distances between stellar objects like standard candle method,cephied variable method,Type 1a supernova explosion methods and also by HR Diagram finding their luminosities & then using standard candle methods.These are some preliminary ways with which you can make some good approaximations for distances b/w heavenly bodies just by observing them.You can google more about how to use standard candle or cephied variable method. Abhijeet Yadav · 3 years, 5 months ago

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