Bangladesh Divisional Informatics Olympiad 2014 : Registration Open!!

Hi everyone! I'm glad to announce that the registration process for Divisional Informatics Olympiad 2014 has finally started. Anybody eligible for this competition can register by going to the following link: Register here

If you are thinking what this olympiad is all about, it is an olympiad related to computer programming. However, you don't really need to be a pro in programming to participate in the divisional olympiad. In fact, divisional olympiad fully focuses on participants' analytic skills and has a paper based test only.

The event is to take place on 28 February, 2014 in 5 different cities. Participants will go through multiple selection process. After that, the best participants will participate in one of the most prestigious computer science competitions in the world, International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) 2014, Taipei, Taiwan. (July 13-20, 2014)

Have a question for us? Want to know how to begin preparation? Please join the official facebook group for these details. Official Facebook Page

Please spread the news amongst your friends and in your school/colleges. Best of luck!!

Note by Labib Rashid
5 years, 4 months ago

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print "hello world"
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