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Best books for KVPY

Hello Friends!

Like many of you aspiring scientists and mathematicians, I also am a KVPY aspirant. I want your kind advises, which can independently help me during preparations. Please give me a learning strategy and recommend some books which can help me in the same. Thanks a lot :)

Note by Swapnil Das
1 year, 1 month ago

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Solving previous year problems helped me a lot. For SA stream you must try to learn chapters like GOC and Hydrocarbons ( relax NCERT will do ) though those chapters would not have been taught yet. If you are aiming for SX stream, I would advice you choose the subjects wisely ( I recommend you to skip math because the questions are time consuming and KVPY is more or less a time tested exam ). KVPY math is very general and I think there is no need to some specific sort of inputs, just be prepared for some geometry questions ( use your calculator wisely :P). SA Chemistry will be tricky because you would not have learnt a lot of stuff yet but it is easy. As far as I remember in Physics there were a good number of questions from chapters like Gravitation and Electricity (HC Verma would suffice). So just try covering those topics but in-depth knowledge would not be required. For the interview keep calm and be confident most questions will be easy-technical sort of questions. Last of all have fun at the Vijyoshi camp :) Brilliant Member · 1 year, 1 month ago

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@Brilliant Member Thanks :) Swapnil Das · 1 year, 1 month ago

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Why not start a separate note for discussing questions of KVPY,as it is not too far away @Swapnil Das A E · 1 year ago

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From my last year KVPY sb stream experience i think maths is general , for chemistry you need to have basics of organic mechanisms , GOC and importantly a grasp on inorganic chem (class 11 + little bit of class 12)

Physics has all the chapters of class 11 and 12 , with mixed concepts which makes it great !

Hope it helps. Neelesh Vij · 1 year ago

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@Neelesh Vij @neelesh vij u have given kvpy last year in sb stream ??? then may i ask whats going now ? i find maths little trickier there isn't ??? Rudraksh Sisodia · 1 year ago

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@Rudraksh Sisodia Yup maths is tricky. Neelesh Vij · 1 year ago

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What books to follow for KVPY SA for physics and maths.I analysed previous years papers of physics and found that there are less of numerical but more of conceptual questions,I just can't understand what to study. A E · 1 year ago

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plz anyone give me advice for sb stream ,,, kvpy is approaching . Rudraksh Sisodia · 1 year ago

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